Een hoofd vol haar, 30 November 2017

Corresponding to the parade of Noorderlicht in 2016, we are creating an event on November 30 2017 which will become a node and a meetingpoint between different cultures.
As in all walks of life, in hairstyling we also find classical trends up to and including very expressive or extravagant patterns, styles and shapes. For artists Hairstyling & Extensions is a very inviting subject which triggers the imagination. Furthermore, the project offers our students the chance to link their artistic creativity to a local community, Antwerp North, which is noteworthy for its cultural diversity.
Inhabitants of 2060 Antwerp, artists, hairdressers,… you are all welcome to join us actively or as a spectator in this project!

Everyone is welcome to join us. Find out more on the Facebook page of Een hoofd vol haar or check out this video the Antwerp newschannel ATV made!