Guerilla Communication Workshop, 4 – 6 Apr 2017

Guerilla Communication Workshop


Turku Culture Jam – Guerrilla Communication Workshop was focused on creating temporary interventions in public spaces by using techniques and methods of guerrilla communication. By visually transforming existing elements of public space, artists and designers construct meaningful interactions between the artwork (or design) and the public. The goal was to achieve effective, interesting and innovative communication in the public space through visual art.

In the period of just three days, Guerilla Communication Workshop participants were faced with a difficult task: to conceive and develop a prototype of a Guerilla Art piece and exhibit it in the public space of the Linnankatu street.

First day was dedicated to the familiarization of the participants with the concept of Guerilla Communication and Guerilla Art and discussion on the challenges in creating such interventions. First part of the second day was dedicated to the collaborative analysis of public spaces in Forum Kortteli shopping center, on Linnankatu Street and the area around TUAS. After the analysis, participants collaborated on generating and developing the ideas for interventions. Each participant then chose one project that they would develop further. The third day was dedicated to creation of the artwork prototypes and their installation on previously chosen locations. Afterwards, the participants observed how people on the street reacted to their artworks.

Workshop objectives


Creating socially engaged artworks by temporary transformations of public space.

Learning how to use site-specific art methods.

Collaborative idea development and conceptualization.

Artworks Created

Each participant created one temporary site-specific installation

Garbage Faces

Artist: Lora Delic

Emphasizing the issue of proper waste disposal.


Artist: Mikko Halmesmaa 

Commentary on planting trees in the urban areas that don’t bear fruits.

(No) Posters Allowed

Artist: Valtteri Sarenius

Commenting the city policy of not allowing posters on public spaces

Minced Meat

Artist: Iiris Rusi

Questioning treatment of animals in meat production industry.

Start of a cooperation

Besides creating the 4 artworks, participants also developed two concepts for guerilla interventions in the space of the Forum Kortteli shopping center in Turku. It has been arranged with the Forum Kortteli managment that the workshop participants develop the concepts and create artworks which will be exhibited in November.