Audience Development Workshop Teslina Street – Zagreb, Nov 19th 2015

Workshop model

Four selected interest groups, e.g. artists, business persons, children, urban planners, workers in the public site (like cleaning workers, people who work on the site, police, etc). The aim is to identify the space from different points of view, focusing on development and use of common space and collect information and inspiration for topics for future workshops. Tools may be, for example, photography, video, interviews, drawing and performance. Fast work in groups, each one according to their own impulses.

Emphasizing what is happening right now. Reflections of the global political situation in our project? The history of the space for locals and what the traditions mean for visitors for example.

There should be some local artists in each group (they can be student assistants), a room with means for presentation of results (pc, data projector, speakers) and contact with the different participating groups in order to agree about the schedule. Maybe also some paper and markers. Workshop model by Eero Merimaa and Susana Nevado

Workshop objectives

– Work in small groups – one instructor per group (group size 5-10). Other partners can observe and document the workshops

– Common view of results together in the late afternoon – groups present to each other the workshop ideas

– Collect the documentation, video, sound, etc., and a summary of the results of the workshop material package for distribution..

Teslina street, Zagreb

Old historical street in the strict center of Zagreb city.




Presentations & Downloads

Presentations were held on Faculty of Graphics Arts, University of Zagreb


Dean’s welcome speech, prof. dr. sc. Klaudio Pap

Partners presentation:
University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland
National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland
Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool, Antwerpen, Belgum


Project presentation City Acupuncture, dr. sc. Kristina Careva

Teslina street, two centuries of urban and architectural history, Mladen Perušić, architect conservator

Participatory use of social media, izv. prof. dr. sc. Jesenka Pibernik


Download the workshop leaflet.


Download selected press clippings.