Light Painting Photographs Workshop, 4 – 6 Oct 2016

Light Painting Workshop


Although it was dark, shooting light painting photos in Linnankatu was quite challenging because of the illumination from street lights. First night of shooting focused on capturing the medieval Turku Castle with a word “Turku” written with light. It was quite difficult to get a good photo, because of the bright lights around the castle.

For the second night of the workshop, a much darker location was chosen, the pavement under the Myllysilta Bridge by the shores of the river Aura. Workshop participants attached black paper over the lights under the bridge to reduce the impact of street lights. To block out also the lights in the sky, the shadow area under the bridge was selected as the shooting location. The passers-by on bikes (with lights) were incorporated in the photos.

The last day of shootings was dedicated for trying out two different kind of  light painting techniques: 1) shooting the Fibonacci numbers on the chimney of the Turku Energia building with camera that was mounted on a tripod by moving the camera in left-right direction. 2) painting with light on plateau of the Arts Academy of Turku UAS.

Feedback from the Participants


“It was great to realise, what we could do with quite simple tools like small flash lights and cameras. We managed to take some very interesting snap shots. We sneaking in the park of Turku Castle, around Varvintori Square and under the bridges, waving our flash lights. It reminded me of childhood, when we were exploring the dark autumn nights with our torches. We had the same feeling in our workshop. The picture was always a surprise, and almost every time something totally different than I had expected. And no matter what the result was, you could always try again and be amazed about the end result.” – Tiina Vainio, participating artist

”The most rewarding part of the workshop was seeing the results which were better than we expected in the beginning of the workshop. Also, I must emphasize very good collaboration with participants. Although it was very cold, we were all enjoying in the process of making photos.” – Maja Strgar Kurečić, leading artist of the workshop

What is Light Painting?


Light painting is a photographic technique, in which a long shutter speed is used along with moving light source. It is very creative technique that can be used in art photography, commercial photography and in stop-motion animation and video. There are several ways of painting with light: illuminating the object in total darkness, moving the light source directed towards the camera and moving the camera with a static light source.

Workshop Objectives


The goal of the Light Painting Workshop was to show some chosen locations by the Linnankatu Street by using different ways of painting with light and to bring attention of the street passers to the work process of art making.