Performative Pieces 2, Turku City Library, Oct 11th 2016

Performative Pieces 2

The workshop was executed in collaboration with Turku City Library and TST (Turku association of unemployed). We asked the young artists to consider what the City Library represents and how it functions as a common ground for different people. Some of the artists cooperated with TST and used their notions of different sides of unemployment when they created the performance Luokat. The City Library was a venue for all the performances.

Next to artistic work, this workshop familiarised the young artists with the process of organising an art event. We finished the workshop with a performance event open for public. This meant e.g. negotiations with the library staff, marketing and time tabling.

The young artists participated also in various lectures and discussions around themes of communication in groups and socially engaged art and different artistic practises.

Workshop objectives

Multiprofessional collaboration in preparation of art events.
Documentation, publicity and finding a suitable marketing method to each performance was part of the task.
Learning about communication in socially engaged art projects.
Focus on working in a group and group dynamics.
Learning about performance art practises, projections in public space, art and social impact and research as artistic practise.
Familiarising the artists with history and methods of public and participatory art.

Target groups: library visitors, art students, unemployed people


Cooperation with Turku City Library included negotiations on the specific conditions of the library, technical support and marketing.

Cooperation with TST (The Association of Unemployed People in Turku)  included meetings with the staff and members and interviews and discussions for source material.

Artworks Created

Luokat (Classes), performance
by Aino Ojala, Emmi Länsman, Mira Vornanen, Jonna Halli and Sini Talonen

The idea for the Luokat (Classes) performance originated from the categorisations and comments encountered by the performance team. During the performance the library books were divided into unconventional categories, not usually used in libraries. The aim of the Luokat performance was to make it easier to find the book from there where it logically should be.

There were a variety of comments and categorisations, which the performing team placed randomly around the library. Text snippets were from multitude of origins: quotes from politicians or public figures, comments picked up from discussion forums and just comments from the passers-by such as “You have ruined yourself (man walking by the river Aura)”

During the performance, the team circled around the library shelves attaching small pieces of laminated notes next to the official topic signs.  The performance was not build on planned methodologies or pre-made choices. There is no such thing as a final script. The performance is created while it is performed, which brings a nice original extra flavor to the art work – the performers’ own signature to the piece.

The Luokat performance tackles the different forms of categorisation by using performative means. The goal is to shake up the audiences’ traditional ways of thinking and observing. The performance challenges the ways people categorise other people and the ways they comment about their fellow humans.

Book intervention, performance
by Soňa Dermeková

In collaboration with Turku City Library and the library visitors. “Book intervention is created in interaction with the clients of the library. Different text fragments chosen by the clients meet each other in this piece. Everyone who goes to the library is trying to find some answers. Someone goes to the library to study, someone to find an answer to the problems of life or to read a book about something they want to experience, and they can’t. There are many reasons why the library is a haven of different people. My goal is to connect people through various books.”


8 301 m² (approximately 8 301 m²)
by Niklas Feinik
Outdoors video projection on library wall.11th to the 18th of October.

“The lobbies of the library are full of people, the books travel under the floor on their own rail and the library attendants walk on the office aisles.  Many people have witnesses a ghost in the cellar. The video shows us some visible and hidden layers of this complex system. The artwork explores the limits of the public and private space as well as the feel of space in this building consisting of multiple consecutive layers.”

Turku City Library