Art and streetscape games in Teslina Street, 18th-28th April 2017



Workshop announecement

Sign up to participate in creative place making art and streetscape games in Teslina Street, 18th-28th April 2017. The call is open for all interested people, regardless of age, professional status or citizenship. Entry is free and there is no participation fee. The exact time of the participative workshop/game will be negotiated between the participants and artist. For further information and registration, contact us on

Workshop objectives

Do you want to engage in creative expression on the street? You don’t need anyone’s permission to begin creating – it is in your DNA to do so. We like to share our creative skills to foster democratic dynamics. Everyone takes part in participative art making!

From the 18th to 28th of April, four artists will be making art in which the audience is engaged directly in the creative process, allowing you to become co-author, editor, and observer of the work. Therefore, this type of art is incomplete without your physical interaction. Participatory art creates a dynamic collaboration between the artist, the audience, and their environment. Participatory art is not something that you quietly look at standing still–it is something you participate in. You touch it, smell it, write on it, talk to it, dance with it, play with it, learn from it. You co-create it. Join us in streetscape games in Teslina Street, 18th- 28th April 2017.

Teslina street, Zagreb

Old historical street in the strict center of Zagreb city.

Meet the artists, deigners and architects

About my artwork: MAJA STRGAR KUREČIĆ


Hi everyone! What could make you happy today?
Establishing contact with people on the street (passers-by). Taking portraits of participants with a Polaroid camera. Writing thoughts and wishes in the clouds next to the photographs pasted on a large sheet of paper.
How often, if not daily, are we in such a hurry that we don’t get to stop and think about the small but important things that could cheer us up and make us happy? Through a simple (and concrete) issue, the participants “raise awareness” of their desires, and become a step closer to achieving them.
I believe that the very act of taking and giving pictures as “souvenirs” can make participants happy.

About my artwork: MARIO MILIČIĆ

Styro-print Workshop
Hey everyone! It is said that happiness comes from within, but it may come from the outside. Sometimes, the trigger from “outside” interacts with the inner happiness. A word or a sentence that reminds us of a moment of happiness, objectified in space, has the ability to communicate this happiness with others. Printing this word or sentence on a T-shirt or a bag allows their placement in space, interacting with everyone eager to communicate!

What is styro-print? Is that a typo?
Styro-print a printing technique that uses Styrofoam. The design is first transferred to Styrofoam, then cut with a scalpel. Finally, the design is printed by applying paint to Styrofoam using a brush, and manually pressing on the desired surface. It is similar to making a seal or stamp.
The styro-print workshop attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the procedure and print words they want, with some simple decorative designs on T-shirts and bags (which they can take home after drying the paint and ironing).

About my artwork: KRISTINA CAREVA

City Acupuncture
Hello everyone! Have you heard about City Acupuncture? We have done several neighbourhood events and intervention proposals in different cities.
After problematizing the identity of Teslina as a pedestrian street during the first workshop, City Acupuncture deals with the topic of street as an art gallery of interactive works in the second workshop. Participants will be guided through a three-day work including participatory methods, so they could create a map of possible adequate locations and conceptual scenarios for accommodation the works of art (created in other workshops).
Time table:
25., 27. i 28.04.2017
from 10:00 to 17:00

About my work: ADRIANA TANFARA

Papier mâché urban installation
“We are all one. People are interconnected by invisible forces” N. Tesla
“Who am I?” is an art installation that encourages social awareness about consumer society and its reflection to our identity, made of two components – static (papier mâché man figure in public space) and participatory (workshop of making face casts).
Static – figure of a faceless man placed in Teslina Street as a symbol of demoralized individual in a consumer universe. Teslina Street is a stereotypical example of a hyper-consumer touristic oriented street where people are lost in glitter, signs and discounts.
Participatory – Individuals are encouraged to re-think their own masks and identity through workshop of making face casts. Is consuming ready-made content the only way to fulfill our real whishes? We have everything, but nothing thrills us anymore. What really makes us happy?