Teslina Street Game, 20 – 25 Nov 2017

You like gaming? 😀


Now… Imagine if you could step into a game!

Tesla Streetgame is a free interactive social game that provides the opportunity of solving puzzles and mysteries in real place and time. It is designed in a way that the players can freely move around on the map in search of the solutions using only a few humorous props and their own curiosity. The area of the Teslina Street in Zagreb is the map of the game while the main heroes are YOU AND YOUR SQUAD. If you have friends that love a challenge, have a keen eye for detail and you think now is the right time to awaken the explorer inside, turn off your computer and show your skills in Teslina Street.

All the adventurers will get their prizes at the end of the game. There are also whispers (shhh) that a wish-granting fish will make an appearance. 🙂

Organized by the Faculty of Graphic Arts under the In Public In Particular project.

How to play?


Tesla Streetgame consists of two parts. The first part deals with solving card tasks while the second deals with exploring the passages in the street through solving clues with magnets.

Materials that are included are: these instructions + a map and cards (first part of the game) and an envelope with magnets (second part of the game).

Take the cards and start the game! The solution of each of the cards leads to a location on the street. When you solve a task and arrive to the location, unglue the sticker from the card that has the same symbol and number as the card you solved and stick it on the map on the place where the solution is. When you solve all of the clues from the cards you should have a map filled with stickers. After successfully solving this first part you can proceed to the second part – exploring the passages. Instructions for the second part are in the envelope.

About the game!


Tesla Streetgame is a game that takes place on the streets of Zagreb. It is an innovative and active game that is based on solving clues and puzzles on the street. It is played in teams and it guaranteed a good time. Tesla Streetgame is not only entertaining and amusing, but it also improves communication skills, concentration and visual thinking.

The authors designed tools and techniques that stimulate creativity, new ideas and collaboration among players. All the game-related materials were designed by a team of students, as well as the concept of the game. Also, Croatian artists Adriana Tanfara and Mario Miličić participated in the creation of the game.

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