Thomas – Teslina Street Streetscape game, 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2017

Thomas street streetscape game


The goal of the workshop was to explore the opportunities for integration of a „Streetscape” game model, developed for Teslina Street, into the public space of Thomas street, thus connecting the two locations. Teslina Street Game was previously created by the students of the Faculty of Graphic Arts over a course of 5 moths. One of the base mechanics of Teslina Street game is providing the player with a set of cards which act as visual clues.

The connection between the two streets was achieved by superposing the original game map developed for Tesla Street Game onto the Thomas street map. Fusion of the two maps has provided the team and future players with points for the exploration of Thomas street. Each member of the team explored every marked location on the newly-formed map with a goal to create a visual clue cards for each location. All the cards were collected and the team decided that the best approach would be mixing the cards from several students thus forming different game sets.

Members of the team observed game participants during the games and gathered post-play feedback.

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