Time and Space 2, 14 March – 28 April 2017


Workshop Methodology


The young artists were given different locations along the Linnankatu Street to create project plans for site specific art which uses participatory means. The plans will be implemented during the Street Happening in November 2017. The participants contacted the street actors on their location and negotiated about the practicalities, possibilities and content of their projects. All artist teams prepared a production plan including the artistic idea, ways of collaboration with the street actors, ways of participation for the audiences, timetable, task division and budget estimation.

Library Sound Piece


The group collaborated with the staff and clients of Turku City Library. The idea is to collect “small sounds of being” from the clients and mix them with sounds of the library building. The clients could listen to this sound piece in a small hut/tent/sculpture and experience themselves being surrounded by many ways of being.

Emoji Projection


The group will ask clients of the library to choose an emoji which best describes their feeling at that moment. The client poses an emoji face for the video and she or he is asked to keep the expression as long as possible. At some point the expression changes. The video will be projected outdoors on the library wall.

Tribute to Michelle Pfeiffer (Drawing Event at Bar Ö )


The group will organise a site specific drawing event with live music, UV lights, videos and drawings from the floor to the ceiling. The event is planned in collaboration with the Bar Ö owner and it suits well in the location. It is a homage to Michelle Pfeiffer (sic), creative atmosphere of the bar and old school art happenings. The group tested the UV lights, various drawing materials and surfaces during the demo event.

Video Mapping Piece


The idea is to do video mapping on a row of electricity cabinets. The video starts when somebody passes by the sensor on the pavement. A human figure appears on the cabinets and makes surprising moves. The group will draw these animated figures in collaboration with café and bar clients of Linnankatu.

Linnankatu Street

Artists and art students