Time and Space Workshop Linnankatu – Turku 21 March – 29 April 2016


Time and Space Workshop

The first IPIP Workshop in Turku took place in rather chilly April’s weather. The plans made during the workshop resulted situation specific works of art in different parts of Linnanakatu, many of which also the passers-by could participate.

In the Barker Park people were invited to write their confessions and desires on small pieces of paper and then hang them on the trees of the park.

Several Linnankatu restaurants and bars cooperated with IPIP. In front of the restaurant Sointu the passers-by were given a colorful chalk, and soon the sidewalk tiling was covered with brightly colored images. Whereas Bar Ö gained a new look above the bar counter. In Bar Kuka the customers of the bar were invited to decorate their own beer mats. Later on these unique beer mats were laminated and put in use in Bar Kuka.

Workshop objectives

Multiprofessional approach, learning collaborative art practices and the challenges when working in city spaces

Learning to use situation specific and time bound art methods.

Making participatory situation specific art and finding/reaching new audiences

Learning to collaborate (working in teams and collaboration with street actors)

Learning to negotiate: How can the process and end result please you as an artist as well as the the street actors (SMEs, passers-by)?

Target groups: small enterprises and offices, art students

Successful Cooperation

In the empty business space between a funeral parlor and a flower shop, nighty wanderers could see the video projection The Fountain of Youth. Neighboring the projection was the artwork The Flag Above the River, which was created in collaboration with the charity shop Lähimmäinen. The flag was a new artistic symbol to the shop. The flag was made of various colorful cross-stitch works donated by Lähimmäinen.

There was heartwarming and inspiring collaboration with the DaisyLadies (an association for elderly immigrant ladies) related to their premises Muistojen koti (The Home of Memories), or more specifically, the courtyard of the premises. The artwork Välitila (In Between Space) was created as a joint effort of IPIP and the DaisyLadies. It is kind of a small garden house where the ladies can now meet and drink coffee during the summer.

Artworks Created

Hanging Confessions by Morgana Burke
Barker Park, Linnankatu

Chalk on the Road by Ville Turkia and Joshua Derricott
Linnankatu 27, In collaboration with Restaurant Sointu

Pint card –Make your own beer mat! by Eetu Kevarinmäki, Laura Nevanperä and Sonja Vainionpää
Linnankatu 17, In collaboration with Bar Kuka

Fountain of Youth
by Vilma Iivanainen, Laura Halonen, Riikka Kupsala, Emmi Länsman and Jussi Riihelä
Linnankatu 9

Välitila installation by Sini Talonen and Annaleena Telasmaa
Muistojen koti, Linnankatu 41, In collaboration with DaisyLiitto ry

The Flag Above the River by Adam Galach
Linnankatu 7, In collaboration with Flea Market Lähimmäinen


Linnankatu Street

Artists and art students