Timeline of Linnankatu, Spring 2016


Linnankatumme (Our Linnankatu)

Visual artist Heli Mäki-Arvela created a 24-meter-long art work which consisted of paper figures. The figures were pictures about Linnanakatu throughout the years. In the beginning she just wanted to find some use to her own substantial photo archive, but as the idea evolved, the final result ended up to be a community art work Linnankatumme. Local people participated in the making process by donating their own photos and participating in the workshops organised by Heli. During the workshops and the exhibition the artist could observe, how pictures really build bridges between people. “Where were you in your own timeline, when I was doing that?”

Heli ended up creating a 20-piece timeline describing Linnankatu from the 11th century into the future. The work was partly carried out in collaborative workshops, where the participants were invited to cut paper figures to shape. There were workshops for example at Turku Castle and the Turku City Library.

While cutting the figures, people had time to interact with each other and to take trips down memory lanes. Or this time especially the Linnankatu street. One of the participants even found herself as a little girl in one of the workshop pictures.

Linnankatumme art work has been commended because of its layering. One spectator commented to Heli that she can imagine herself walking among the paper figures via Linnankatu.

Based on the article written by Tiina Paananen