Performative Pieces 1, Performance 9th Oct 2016

Performative Pieces 1

The workshop was executed in collaboration with New Performance Festival Turku and Turun klassillinen lukio high school. TUAS students were asked to prepare performances with the high school students. The task was to observe the daily actions at the school and find underlying structures and meanings of the building and education. What kind of a place is a school?

Next to artistic work, this workshop familiarised the young artists with the process of organising an art event. We finished the workshop with a performance evening open for public. This meant e.g. negotiations with the school staff, marketing and time tabling. The event was a success both in the quality of the content and amount of audience and the atmosphere was unforgettably warm.

The young artists participated in various lectures and discussions around themes of communication in groups and socially engaged art and different artistic practises.

Workshop Objectives

Multiprofessional collaboration in preparation of art events.
Documentation, publicity and finding a suitable marketing method to each performance was part of the task.
Learning about communication in socially engaged art projects.
Focus on working in a group and group dynamics.
Learning about performance art practises, projections in public space, art and social impact and research as artistic practise.
Familiarising the artists with history and methods of public and participatory art.

Target groups: High school students and their friends & families, performance festival visitors, Turku residents.




We had very good cooperation with  Turun klassillinen lukio high school. The staff supported us in many ways and the teacher of performative subjects Marja Kangas was extremely helpful. The high school offered IPIP the venue, technical assistance and possibility to work with highly dedicated high school students. The high school students found it very interesting to work in a more professional team.

New Performance Turku Festival offered generously the festival passes to TUAS students. The collaboration in event production and lecture organising was beneficial to both parties.



Artworks Created

Where do Butterflies Go
 Performance by Ville-Petteri Turkia, Raquel Montero Estevéz ,Veera-Kaisa Muurinen, Jarna Pahlberg, Taika Laaksonen and Touko Miikkulainen. The performance examined the current state of education in Finland. Is there space for diversity?

Someone Was Here Before Us, video installation at the gym class. The high school students were asked to pose for a class photo. Jose and Sofie took some photos, but they also took a video of the whole process. You can see the students posing at times and then relaxing and losing the pose.

We Were Here, sound piece all over the school building
by Jose Jompero & Sofie Wikström:
“Already entering to the school space triggers sensations, which awaken one’s own memories  -even universal ones. We all have experiences of the  sounds of school spaces, class photo shooting, writing on the blackboard and the bells ringing for recess. The pieces are based on the positive or negative visions caused by these stimuli.”

Turun klassillinen lukio high school students had also prepared their own performances during the performance course given by their teacher Marja Kangas. These performances were part of the collaboratively organised event.:

My First Everything by Enni Eerikäinen: Showing the first experiences of all kinds.
Breaking boundaries by Onit Portnoj: Onit welcomed the audience to see her as she is when no-one watches.
Weathers by Helka Karhu: Different types of weathers portrayed in and from the window.
This is what I’m feeling by Vanessa Peitilä: Vanessa was lying on the gym floor and asked people to recline on her body.


Turun klassillinen lukio (high school)


Participating Pupils