Street Festivals

Four European streets, their actors, environments and identities.

The workshops organised in each participating city will culminate to artistic happenings on the streets selected by the In Public, In Particular project: Linnankatu (Turku), Dambruggestraat (Antwerp) Thomas Street (Dublin) and Teslina Ulica (Zagreb). The streets will be filled with artistic interventions, interactive happenings and even parades during 2016-2017. The conclusive street festival will be organised in Antwerp in December 2018.

Teslina Street Game

Zagreb, Croatia

Tesla Streetgame is a free interactive social game that provides the opportunity of solving puzzles and mysteries in real place and time. It is designed in a way that the players can freely move around on the map in search of the solutions using only a few humorous props and their own curiosity. The area of the Teslina Street in Zagreb is the map of the game while the main heroes are YOU AND YOUR SQUAD. If you have friends that love a challenge, have a keen eye for detail and you think now is the right time to awaken the explorer inside, turn off your computer and show your skills in Teslina Street.

The authors designed tools and techniques that stimulate creativity, new ideas and collaboration among players. All the game-related materials were designed by a team of students, as well as the concept of the game. Also, Croatian artists Adriana Tanfara and Mario Miličić participated in the creation of the game.

How to play?

Tesla Streetgame consists of two parts. The first part deals with solving card tasks while the second deals with exploring the passages in the street through solving clues with magnets.

Materials that are included are: these instructions + a map and cards (first part of the game) and an envelope with magnets (second part of the game).

Take the cards and start the game! The solution of each of the cards leads to a location on the street. When you solve a task and arrive to the location, unglue the sticker from the card that has the same symbol and number as the card you solved and stick it on the map on the place where the solution is. When you solve all of the clues from the cards you should have a map filled with stickers. After successfully solving this first part you can proceed to the second part – exploring the passages. Instructions for the second part are in the envelope.


In Public, In Particular Exhibition

Dublin, Ireland

In Public, In Particular Exhibition presented participatory and situation specific artworks on and from Thomas Street

November 30th – December 1st, 2017

NCAD presented In Public In Particular, an exhibition of participatory and situation specific artworks by students and recent graduates from the Departments of Media and Sculpture and Expanded Practices. The selected works engaged with the people and places of Thomas Street and its environs, ranging from interventions and performances, to audio tours and photographic installations that engage with the inhabitants of the street. In Public In Particular looked at the historical, social and political aspects of Thomas street.

Ara Devine presented a series of photographs developed as part of research into the churches and public houses on Thomas Street.

Photograph by Zak Milofsky


Anne Ebeling created a performance looking at the cracks and fissures in our public spaces, while Matthew Strickland’s work presented the artists attempts to counter the hostile architecture of the city through subtle interventions.

Photograph by Zak Milofsky


Alison Farrell presented a sound piece based on her experiences of the pubs on Thomas Street and video documentation where she forensically investigates the contents of a bag of recycling found on Thomas Street to uncover the potential character of the producer of this waste.

Photograph by Zak Milofsky


Kevin Gaynor presented a sound work made up of peoples attempts to sing the Irish national anthem. Through the participation of the people who inhabit the Thomas Street area is questions the nationalism visible here. Gaynor also present an alternative game of Twister accompanied by an audio piece that looked at the changing nature of the area through development.

Photograph by Zak Milofsky


Eoin Haide produced a series of posters along Thomas Street made with the horsemen of the Thomas Street area. The works celebrate the continued existence of the horsemen and their part in the identity of this place.


Jamie Gilroy Barrett & Jonathan O’Leary presented a collaborative event, creating a bridge between NCAD, the Liberties and the Digital Hub. The event began with a talk by Jack Roche, a local grocer from Meath Street, about the history of the oldest fruit bearing tree in Dublin at the Digital Hub, where the tree was located. A sapling from the same breed of pear tree was planted by Jack Roche in the NCAD atrium.

Photograph by Zak Milofsky

Kevin O Kelly made a bust of politician Enda Kenny from toilet paper bought on Thomas Street, considering its value as a historical artifact.

Photograph by Zak Milofsky


Dawid Radziwill offered a participatory monument to Bang Bang, an infamous character from the area, thinking about how we commemorate the dead, whose life is memorialised and how we can share in the memory.


Andrew Weilens has been working with the Bridge Street Project on Francis Street and the Mens Shed and presented a singing performance with his collaborators through the streets of the area.

Photograph by Zak Milofsky


All that is Solid is not Gold by Gary Reilly was a video work made in collaboration with the street maintenance staff from the Dublin 8 area highlighting the invisible labour of maintenance that we all rely on.

Photograph by Zak Milofsky


Yuirka Higashikawa performed a tour that looked at the development of new student accommodation in the area, questioning the changing character of the Street.

Photograph by Zak Milofsky


Clara Scullion presented an audio tour of the area drawn from local knowledge of those who live and work in the liberties, looking beyond the official tourist narrative that has recently been made more visible on the street.

The visiting artists/guests during this period included:

  • Gareth Phelan (IRE) – Sound work and audio recording workshop
  • Jurica Dolic, University of Zagreb – Street Game workshop
  • Tony O’Rourke, Local Historian, presentation on history of Thomas Street
  • Lisa Godson, NCAD – presentation on material culture of Thomas Street area

The exhibition was curated by Michelle Browne, Lecturer in the Department of Sculpture and Expanded Practice at NCAD. The participating students and graduate artists were Ara Devine, Anne Ebeling, Alison Farrell, Kevin Gaynor, Eoin Haide, Yurika Higashikawa, Kevin O Kelly, Dawid Radziwill, Gary Reilly, Clara Scullion, Matthew Stickland, and Andrew Weilens.

Dambruggestraat festivals

Antwerp, Belgium

Corresponding to the parade of Noorderlicht in 2016, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, AP University College, Permeke Bibliotheek and IPIP created an event on November 30 2017 which was a node and a meetingpoint between different cultures.
As in all walks of life, in hairstyling we also find classical trends up to and including very expressive or extravagant patterns, styles and shapes. For artists Hairstyling & Extensions is a very inviting subject which triggers the imagination. Furthermore, the project offers our students the chance to link their artistic creativity to a local community, Antwerp North, which is noteworthy for its cultural diversity.
Inhabitants of 2060 Antwerp, artists, hairdressers,… everyone was welcome to participate, listen, join etc. 

Read this interesting presentation “The power of Hair. The politics of Hair in a (South) African context” by professor Shonisani Netshia of the Visual Art Department of the University of Johannesburg! The power of Hair

If you want to know more about Een hoofd vol haar, about how we reached our audience (children, teenagers, eldery people, ethnic minorities, neighboorhood communities etc), how we communicated, what kind of publicity we gained, how we set up partnerships with the City of Antwerp, local schools, the Royal Conservatoire, University College, and many other organisations and NGO’s, on how worked with the artists to create this event, read the full report here!



Linnankatu Is an Art Street

Turku, Finland

IPIP Street Festival in Turku

7-10 November 2017

The festival presented site specific, collaborative and participatory events and artworks from four visiting artists, art students and collaborators. Each artwork or event was produced in collaboration with the street actors, such as a bar, a shopping center and the City Library.

The visiting artists were:
– Artist duo AKU: Augmented reality piece on the the street
– Leena Kela: performance at the flower shop Pasadena
– Sandra Nyberg: Light art at Turku Social Center.
The students’ artworks included e.g. sound art, projections, new genre public art and performative drawing.
Arts Promotion Centre Finland, DaisyLadies association, Turku Classical Upper Secondary School and Turku Conservatory also produced art and events for the street festival.

For more info visit @linnankatuontaidekatu and IPIP Facebook page.

Dambruggestraat festivals

Antwerp, Belgium

The IPIP NL project was a parade through the Dambruggestraat and included other streets of Antwerp-North.
A specific route was chosen for its varied cultural and geographic environment: starting at a city square and following ordinary suburban streets (straight and with bends), fields and a park, a tunnel and a bridge. This gave our students a wide range of possibilities to design and execute special and site-specific works.
We managed to set up a ‘mobile platform’ where diverse cultures and identities interacted were exposed, and respected by each other. We also gave the Northern Light parade a sub title: Let’s go together to the party!
This aspect created a fairly new concept: a parade which was passing by front doors AND picking people up to accompany us to the party. Over 700 people actively participated in this event. We regard our parade of 2016 as a great success.

The report is reflecting on the following issues:
From the preparatory period to the final event.
Schedule & Concluding Review
Budget, Fees, Funding & fees in kind, (credits) as part of the curriculum + Questions & Future ideas about it.
• The community and the student involvement
• The engagement of The City of Antwerp & the collaboration with AP, University College
• The engagement of the Schools: Academy and Conservatoire & Other schools
• Communication – Language & Publicity
• Time management:
• Art Students & Artists
• Staged Events & Party
• Photographers and videographers
• Opportunities & Problems
• Learning curve & Educational value
• Target groups
• General conclusions


Relive the parade while looking at these photos!

Northern Lights Parade – Conclusive IPIP event

Antwerp, Belgium

Photos from the beautiful Northern Lights Parade which took place in Antwerp North on 29 Nov 2018. This colourful event was a festive closing to the IPIP project and attracted an audience of +- 800 persons. Thanks to all organisers, participants, collaborators, City of Antwerp and Creative Europe.