Street Festivals

Four European streets, their actors, environments and identities.

The workshops organised in each participating city will culminate to artistic happenings on the streets selected by the In Public, In Particular project: Linnankatu (Turku), Dambruggestraat (Antwerp) Thomas Street (Dublin) and Teslina Ulica (Zagreb). The streets will be filled with artistic interventions, interactive happenings and even parades during 2016-2017. The conclusive street festival will be organised in Antwerp in December 2018.

Dambruggestraat festivals

Antwerp, Belgium

The IPIP NL project was a parade through the Dambruggestraat and included other streets of Antwerp-North.
A specific route was chosen for its varied cultural and geographic environment: starting at a city square and following ordinary suburban streets (straight and with bends), fields and a park, a tunnel and a bridge. This gave our students a wide range of possibilities to design and execute special and site-specific works.
We managed to set up a ‘mobile platform’ where diverse cultures and identities interacted were exposed, and respected by each other. We also gave the Northern Light parade a sub title: Let’s go together to the party!
This aspect created a fairly new concept: a parade which was passing by front doors AND picking people up to accompany us to the party. Over 700 people actively participated in this event. We regard our parade of 2016 as a great success.

The report is reflecting on the following issues:
From the preparatory period to the final event.
Schedule & Concluding Review
Budget, Fees, Funding & fees in kind, (credits) as part of the curriculum + Questions & Future ideas about it.
• The community and the student involvement
• The engagement of The City of Antwerp & the collaboration with AP, University College
• The engagement of the Schools: Academy and Conservatoire & Other schools
• Communication – Language & Publicity
• Time management:
• Art Students & Artists
• Staged Events & Party
• Photographers and videographers
• Opportunities & Problems
• Learning curve & Educational value
• Target groups
• General conclusions


Relive the parade while looking at these photos!